respect... give respect and you get respect...

with this logic it only goes to figure

if you disrespect someone then you should expect disrespect right back

give respect and you get respect
respect others and respect yourself

not enough respect in this world

this morning while riding into work on my bike a car came speeding up behind me honking the horn
treasuring my life I did clear the path

cleared the path and then mouthed off to the drive at the next light
we had a short exchange

then down Kansas I trailed behind the car driver
a few blocks down the road he was stuck at the light

with the light being red he decided to get out of his car
I was not sure what to expect
the driver was african american with tattoos and some attitude
his intentions were not clear
I approached with caution and hesitation

I rolled up... feeling that I was in the right... I held my ground
the drive came at me aggressively
aggressive in word and body... but never entering my personal space
my guess... he was not looking for a fight but rather just looking to intimidate me

he called me a racist
he wanted to know why I asked him if he thought he was Obama
questioning... is that the only black person I could think of

I had asked him why he though I had to get out of his way... who does he think he is? President Obama?

this was more a thought about a presidential motorcade than anything else

he talked.. more like shouted... I tried to talk... he talked over me
we ended up getting past the conflict

not sure if he will change his behavor
but it would be nice if he were more respectful of cyclists

he said he was voting for Trump

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