the weekend has passed... Monday needs to possess an answer to the question, "How was your weekend?"

yes... the weekend has passed
it is the work week
Monday is here
the weekend is nothing more than a memory
a rapidly fading memory

the weekend involved some bike and some walking of the dog
not as much bike as I would like
not as much walking of the dog as the dog would like
but there was still some moments to cherish

Didg the Dog

Wasington DC


Friday evening occurred without consequence
hard to recall the actions of the evening
oh yes... Cactus Cantina... the family favorite
great food... fast service... reasonable price

when Saturday morning arrived I got up and sent Dean a text
Dean spent the night at a friend's house
sleep over with am rowing practice?
sent him a text to assist him with getting himself to rowing practice

while on the phone I notice a text from young Grant taht I had overlooked the night prior
apparently Grant has made plans to meet his cousins at his grandfather's house for some fun in the pool

hmmm... what about my thoughts on a hike?
I was thinking Billy Goat Trail!
billy goat
the dog was not happy about this alteration to our plans

Grant and I ride bikes to grandpa's
I am harrashed several times by close passing cars
bullies... fucking bullies
muther fucking car driving bullies

passing me within inches to make a point
while I am with my son

we pedal on
my blood boils
we pedal on

drivers passing intentionally close
trying to teach some sort of lesson
only lesson learned.. 

we arrive alive
jump in the pool
I leave grant with his cousins to be picked up by his mother so that he can be taken to his soccer game

the following day I wake up and get gear ready to go mountain biking at Patapsco with Dean
loaded two single speed bikes ontop of the Element and left for the Park and Ride
we left later than planned
it can be tough to wake the sleeping teenage giant

we rode... we rode well..
not flying..
not enough familiarity with the trails
too many hikers
but we crusied pretty good

good ride with both of the boys
different rides on different days

still nice to hang with the fellas

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