guns... gun violence... I am not a fan

Karl Sellers
a GoFundMe page to help with funeral costs

not my photo
not even my friend
a friend to many of my friends
and really
I feel we are all brothers on the bike

I know the face... I was in the same room at the same time as Karl Sellers
but I never knew him
for that... I am sad

Karl Sellers died earlier this week
the details are unknown to me
I know nothing more than the fact that he was a victim of gun violence
and that he will be missed by many

RIP Karl Sellers
Ride In Peace
join those that passed before you
blaze the trail for those that arrive after you

may the friends of family of Karl one day find peace in their loss
his death was was too soon
Karl had so much he wanted to share with the world
although I did not know Karl... I am still saddened by his death... his senseless death

Respect Life
Respect Each Other

Love and Luck to all who knew and cared for Karl Sellers

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