ONE YEAR! I just passed the One Year Mark in the new house... new house... new life...

divorce... yes... finally divorce
it has not yet been a year
still going through all sorts of adjustments

things were good... then things declined
it is my feeling that marriage has an expiration date
we definitely hit ours
we were unhappily married for a handful of years after we were no longer happily married

so it goes...
first time going through this life thing
was not sure how to play it
tough patch... guess not

we had some good times... then we had some bad
things were broke
we did not know how to fix them
then... things got broke beyond repair

happy wife... happy life
I did not have a happy wife
I did not have a happy wife
things are better now

we tried...
but then it was done
no more happiness
no more fun

much happier now
having much more fun

hope my ex appreciates this next chapter as much as I do

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