RACE REPORT: THE KIDS! Dean and Grant at Wakefield #1 2016

Dean and Grant are always asking to race Wakefield when we are mountain biking
with Grant's travel soccer... Dean's Rowing we really do not get to go mountain biking as much as we like
then with summer camps... it is not entirely possible to get them to these late afternoon races
but... but... but...
but there was one chance

we had a window of opportunity
seeing this opportunity I snagged it
took the day off work and set our sites on Potomac Velo Club's Wednesday at Wakefield

the day unfolded like so many summer days... slowly
I woke up late and the boys woke up later
I was slow to start getting the bikes ready
getting bikes ready than also gathering gear

bikes and gear for three

Grant had a flat... it turns out that my single speed also had a flat...
Dean's bike was coated in a crust of dirt

it turned out I was out of tubes... as much as I like to patch old tubes...
I do prefer the security of a fresh tube
so I jumped into the car and rolled to the nearest bicycle shop and purchased two tubes... a 26er and a 29er
the swap was quick enough
but it was getting late
panic started to slip in

pre-race anxiety combined with the notion of traffic had my energy moving to a frenetic level

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