here it is winter
no real riding
and too lazy to race
so i am going to cut and paste a race report from this summer past
it is random
not even sure if this is a draft or not

where to start where to start?
The drive out to Northern Virgina was a great metaphor for the course....
Efficiency is more vital than speed.
A great amount of energy can be spent and wasted trying to pass.
It is a simple well marked course and difficult to get lost.
Expect some back up.
Accept that you be trapped behind a line of idiots taking a slow and stupid line and driving inefficiently.
(I hate driving in RUSH HOUR traffic!)

With all that said....
When I got to the race I was frustrated with the traffic. Had not expected to have to wrestle with the commuter crowd. Was not exactly sure how to get to Wakefield so mental energy was wasted on worrying about getting lost. In short....I had spent my wad on the drive up. Not to mention that racing at dinner time is not good for the Clydesdale. Needed to load up with something, but had nothing to fuel up with. Foolishly thought my lunch would hold me over and that this race was such a sprint that it would not effect me not to eat before hand.

The gathering before the race was fun. Prerace anxiety was cut by the unity of the crowd. Familiar faces and fellow City Bikes riders roamed about waiting for the early racers to come in so that we could go out. The races began pretty much on time. My class of choice (clydesdale) had a good representation. There were 7 or so racers in my class. As usual everyone is there to race and everyone feels as if they are in contention. Lucky for me Evan split a GU with me before the race, bummer, it was without caffeine. So I figured I would just go out and ride and see what I had in the tank.

The race groups took off before us. We were the last pack to be sent out. The whistle blew and the riders were off. The course was designed to send us weaving towards a slight climb up some loose dirt and rock. The pack was tight and everyone was fighting for position. I was back in the pack, The riders attacked the hill. I gained a few spots before this hill was up and then figured I would reel in the clydesdales ahead of me. Just as we entered the first stretch of single track I was in the lead. I pedaled and searched for my groove. Then started to pass racers from the other classes. Still no groove. There were two Clydesdales right on my tail and I was not feeling strong and not feeling good. My handling was a little shaky, perhaps too high a tire pressure. The thought came to me that I should just pass as many racers as possible and use them to block for me in the tight single track. So racer by racer I pushed ahead, gritting my teeth as I passed on the outside, fearing a thorn from the surrounding brush (I have a history of flatting at Wakefield) The course was fun. All of the logs were easily surmountable, the track was fast and dry, and the racers were all in a pleasant mood.

Still no groove I completed my first lap. Realized that there was nothing in my reserve I pushed on. Figuring I could hang on and if another Clydesdale caught me I could start racing harder then. Still passing all sorts of racers, my pace was slowed by following other racers packed into the tight winding single track, but I did not sweat it. I just figured that everyone has to deal with this element. This is not a time trial. Long story short. I kept passing, my pace dropped significantly but I managed to maintain a first place finish for my class. But had Marc been there or an of a number of other Clydesdales that I am familiar racing with..well then I would have been pushed back a space or two.

Long Story not so short.
It was a fun race. A great way to spent a weekday evening. There should be more summer nights like this!

am I supposed to reread this stuff before I put it out for others to read?
it is too long
hopefully my wife will blow off Yoga on another wednesday night so I can hit another Wakefield race!