this am was different than the last four
sure it started out with the basic stuff
Dean with his fire (pacifier) and blanket waking up slow
and me with my coffee waking up slow
we went through the usual routine of deciding on gear for the day
[need i tell you that kids dress much cooler than adults]
with the morning's slush and snow he was able to sport his red rubber boots
ah, the power
he was seeking out each puddle as we walked towards Rosemount Daycare center
we arrived, no tears
we went in the classroom, no tears
I went to take of his jacket, hesitation, and then just a complaint that he wanted to wear his backpack
he was assured that he would get to wear his backpack
Dean said, "Dean's going to ARTCLASS! Daddy, go to work!" and then before I could respond his hand waved and he said, "Bye, daddy."
without arguement I pulled him close, game him a hug and a kiss and went out the door
seems that he likes the new school situation!

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