Lisa recently emailed me a message I sent to the members of my new block here in Mt. Pleasant. She asked if I had recieved any responses. I had not. It is amusing. Along with the email was also an attached image of my son.

Hello All!
this is not how I wanted our initial introduction to go
but too much time has passed so this is how it is going to happen

a card through the mail slot was my original intention
along with a MtP sticker
but that notion is never came to be
(email back if you still want the sticker, I have a stack that are
just gathering dust in the garage)

My wife and I have purchased and moved into 2025 Park Road along with
our 2 year old son and our mix breed dogs Roscoe and Brutus.

We moved from the 1700 Block of Lamont Street.
There is the debate of what is the best block in Mount Pleasant. Many
on the 1700 Block of Lamont are of the belief that they are the best
block, yet as we settle in here we grow to hold a different opinion.
The sound of the birds, the hypnotic movement of the trees, the
endless entertaining dance of the squirrels, along with the backyard
culture of the 1900-2000 block of Park Road rapidly prove to offer
more than I could ever believe any other block in this neighborhood
could present.

With that said....
It is good to meet you!
It is good to be your neighbor!
What a wonderful week! (even with the rain)
This week our son Dean turned two!
and parenthood is a glorious thing
as a proud poppa I am going to shamelessly share with you a few
photos of my son

I hope that they give you some joy
good day
and I look forward to getting to know you better in the
day/months/years to come