In an effort to occupy myself over the last few days I tried to make some BLOG entries...
I wrote some crap
some serious crap

it has been a very wacky weekend
Dean is suffering a fever
went to my wife's work dinner
stayed late at a party after the dinner
had to work a 12 hour day on Friday
was on call all Saturday
and still at work pushing towards 12 hours on here, Sunday
not that I have actually been working for this 12 hour stint
but I have been at work
stuck here like a prisoner
I have some tasks to do, sort of part of a team
but my computer related tasks can not be approached until some of the techs finish assembling the ROBO Cam and the Rack
but it seems not to be working
so I sit here in the CBS press booth at the Pentagon reading BLOGS
and sending BLOGS
getting to a slap happy state

in addition to my weekend of work I was able to squeeze in some fun
drove out to Bethesda to drop my wife's car off for a tune up
got to ride back, cold and soon to be rainy
would not have ridden if I did not have an actual destination
routed myself in the opposite direction of home passing through Norwood Park
my brother had plans to host another informal CYCLCROSS PRACTICE RACE
he has hosted two similar events at FT Reno park in DC, but it turns out we needed a permit for such an event
the permit was refused
so he changed venues
he had not had time to scope out the park
and I was unable to attend the race
so in an effort to not miss out on the fun, and to feel like I was part of the action
I made a morning visit and plotted out what I thought would be a suitable course in this park
creating a cross course is like laying out the wooden Thomas the Train track
set it
let them run
see how effective the layout in the mind matches the layout in the real world

as mentioned
I was not able to attend the race
was on call and had to be close to work
but I heard that some of the course additions that were not obvious worked well
and the rest of the course was fine
but more of a "country cross"
long sections of grass
with long sections of paved path on most of the climbs
no off camber
nothing real technical
a few stairs to run up
a small stream to cross, steeple chase being most effective
and the basic slogging in the soft grassy earth

it snowed all night
and it rained all day today
marc was wise and hosted the event on Saturday rather than Sunday

it is a bummer missing the party
but such are the responsibilities of trying to be an adult

there is clearly a correlation between sacrifice and achievement

I am starting with some sacrifice and starting to see some achievement..

looks like they have thier linkage to the main office
my tasks may be approaching fast

more in a bit