Kindergarden Camera: A Web Service that lets us spy on our Daycare

It is a funny thing being able to look in on Dean as he runs and plays at Rosemount Daycare Center. The image is blurred and it only refreshes with a still image every few seconds, but the simple idea of looking at him makes me smile. It is not so much actually being able to see him. If it were not for the fact that he is the only blonde haired boy in the class and that I know what clothing he is wearing each day I would not be able to identify him. Yet, it gives me great joy. For a few minutes there I could see him at the head of the table eating his snack. I can see that the cots are already set out and I can see his blanket on the cot all the way to the left. There have been times when I logged in to catch him going up and down the slide. I have also had the happen stance to catch him running full speed into another child. It sounds like I am watching him all day. I think I could, but I have to go back to doing some work.

Funny that they offer this, there was a time when I thought that the Nanny Cam may not be a bad idea to see what goes on with our nanny when we go to work. But I soon figured out that they all get in her car and evacuate as soon as I leave for work. That said, the Nanny Camera would have been a waste of money.