Last spring Lisa, Dean, and I grabbed the dogs and moved down the road. I managed to sell the house FISBO style. It was worth the stress as it was a fun and educational experience...the question, "whether or not I would have made a greater profit with a real estate agent will never be know." We feel good with how we did and it matched quite well with the "comps" that we saw.

Shortly after we got the keys to our new place I was doing some minor touching up around the place. Painting some walls while unintentionally painting some wooden floors, some ceilings, and some stained trim (painting does not go on my resume.) During this period I found a set of keys in the street. In an effort to do the neighborly thing I put up some signs, "Found Keys, all and describe them and they are yours." A few days later I got a call, I asked for a description, in a mellow sort of way the guy nonchalently told me that there were a mess of keys on there. I asked him to describe some of the unual keys. He did not bite. It seemed like the keys were not his. He mentioned an approcimation of the key count and mentioned the kyptonite lock key, but he did not mention the odd key that I thought was a drum tightening key. As it turns out the keys were his, and the key of interest was not a drum key at all but rather a key used to bleed radiators. My new neighbor Chris gave me that key. Since then I have bled my radiators and have paid him "mucho dinero" to touch up my paint job and to repaint some of the other rooms. He does more than just put paint on the walls, he improves the house.