Several years ago I thought that I would show some neighborhood pride (and create a marketing tool for my graphic design services) and I created a EURO STICKER for my neighborhood, Mount Pleasant in Northwest Washington DC.


It was not and effort to be original.
Nor was it an effort to get rich, breaking even was my goal.
Now some years later those stickers are everywhere.
The People Garden (now no more) was doing well selling them. And I donated them to various organizations for their bazaars/yardsales/and flea markets.
Now there are B for Bethesda and CH for Columbia Heights.
These things are everywhere....

It is no big deal but I do get a giggle when I see an MtP sticker on a car when I am miles from my neighborhood. And an even bigger giggle is I am at a party and I hear someone talking about them, like when I heard my friend Katie (who lived in Columbia Heights at the time) hated them!


crazypat said...

I would like a sticker for my NH car - are they still available?

gwadzilla said...

I handed the torch to Old School Hardware... they have them made and sell them http://www.oldschoolhardware.com/