when joe byrnes left for Cali he gave me a bike he
could not travel with
he said sell it and we can split the cash
I rode it
it was two sizes too small so I rode it no
but I rode the shit out of it
miles and miles all no handed
then finally a friend of mine needed a bike
and I needed a CD burner
we traded
I swapped some of the parts, and sent the
bike off
Joe got nothing and the cd burner never
then, two years later I am cruising down the
street on a Saturday morning
and I see this old KHS FZ Comp, just like the
one joe gave me, just like the one I traded to
rob had a bike stolen from his design studio
just at TOOLBOX design studio just blocks
away from where we were
so I approached the rider
I was friendly and kind
told him it was my bike and I needed it back
it was an odd exchange
there was little arguement
little fuss
there was some apparent confusion
but I tried to spell it all out in espanol
"es mu facil...este mi bicicleta, tu eres una
lodron...tu queres los policia"
or something to that effect
my spanish is better spoke than written
and there was some gentle back and forth
finally I gave the guy his lock and helped him
take the seat saver of rob;s bike
I feared that I had given his a serious weapon
but knowing I was right in taking the bike back
I did not fear this guy
I really did not feel he was a theif, in english I
tried to express my feelings that he bought a
stolen bike, but in spanish I did not have the
A call was made to rob, he was not there, I left
a message.
For days I walked proud like some sort of
Robin Hood, taking back what is not rightfully
days later rob calls
he clears things up
it was not the KHS that was stolen
his fisher was stolen
I traded him the KHS to replace the FISHER
I make him go to the bike and touch it
my heart sinks
I get a lump in my throat
then my stomach feels all sick inside
I am not robin hood
just a hood
I stole this bike
heavy handed
right on the crowded streets by the farmers
people looked on
and watched me ride away
it must have been quite a site
I tried finding this guy
went to the local shop
talked with some Salvadorean friends of mine
but nothing

everyone put me at ease
that this bike was purchased on the "gray
that only made me feel a little better

it all happened so fast