this is an email message to my friend Katerina
we went to college together
she currently lives in colorado when she is not traveling the world
most recently she got bit by a could be rabid dog in Africa
hope she is well
In the old email I update her to a mutual friend's wedding in Vermont
and coldly close with the mention of a death of a fellow SMC allumnus


back from vermont
it was rainy and cold for the first few days
no activities planned
just moving about from meal to meal trying to keep dean occupied until the day of the wedding
the rain finally stopped at midnight Friday night the eve before the wedding
just in time for me to drive home drunk down winding unfamiliar country roads
waking the next day to clear skies and shockingly dry ground

we met tim and his girlfriend (fiance) for lunch and then convoyed to the wedding local
it was in a field right behind the rustic house that Spencer and Valerie had once called home
even in the open field with the sounds of a west african string instrument playing the event took on a shockingly classic tone
the dress was appropriate, classic, and tasteful
the best men all in tuxedos
spencer in tails
no top hat, luckily, even as fit and trim as he is he would have looked like Sir Toppenhat or perhaps a more understandable less obscure Tomas the Tank Engine reference I will use Frosty the Snowman
Then Valerie came down the path
dressed in white with a long veil
shockingly feminine and classic to boot
she stood along side her maids of honor, they wore those types of dresses designed for weddings never to be worn again
there was the cute ring bearer who shuffled about through the whole ceremony denoting a full bladder
and the flower bearers none older than 4 had lead the procession tossing fall colored leaves rather than rose pedals

a vegetarian feast in a rustic barn
the barn finished and maintained for catered events just such as this

there was a roadhouse band
Valerie started things off
she sang a classic Motown hit to Spencer
her voice was not Hippie Dippie
she did not fake a note
it was clear and crisp with a hint of Arethra and a taste of Ella while clearly all Valerie
she even had some stage persona as she belted out the tune

the guests were a wide variety of people
mosers mosers and a few more mosers
most of which had mini mosers replicating the older moser manners and style
the friend list did not go too deep
it was an honor to be invited
to my prediction spencer had not invited any female guests other than his mother and his sisters
not even a kissing cousin was able to make an appearance

the best man's speeches/toasts were long, well rehearsed, and entertaining to all
a mix between stand up, roast, and excerpts from the State Department How to Survive in Africa handbook

as the party ended the event left me feeling a bit empty
still asking for more
sort of that party build up than a rapid exit
then bam
time to go home
I spent the last 20 seconds on the dance floor

the next day was spent running from toddler park to tag sale then off to the local flea market
dean was able to find two little Buddha statues to which he practices one of his many words
a few little buckets with Jack-O-Lantern faces cut out the side
and a 2 dollar truck that he could ride around on for the remainder of the day
to be left behind upon our departure

we were home seemingly like we had never left
other than my aching back from a bed that was too soft
and a house filled with half unpacked suitcases

there will be photos to tell the tale
and an not so clever anecdote about my feuding with the vegetarian gentlemen who had graced the ceremony with the west african string instrument
all about my having eaten a roast beef sandwich
and his refusal to shake my hand
joel is joel
you can dress him up
but you can not shut him up
he was born to offend

I need to put some heat on this back and get to work

joel out

tara call passed away the week prior