I have always love the tests.
Everyone loves the test. These are the questions you ask your new bestfriend in grade school and your first girlfriend in high school...
"What is your favorite color?"
"Where were you born?"
"What is your favorite type of pizza?"

well, you get the idea, these were not the questions asked
but you do remember the questions
and you shared the answers
with both you first best friend
and your first girlfriend, that is why it was all so confusing

now some of the new questions?
"what do you do?"
this is the classic DC\question
it is the first thing people ask
it often backs people back into a corner
for me I like to spin it to a more gentle tone, but only after an awkward pause
"what do you do for fun or for work? which ever is more interesting or which ever is more entertaining to talk about!"

"what is are the top five concerts you have every been too, and then why. a short answer to why (it could be the company, it could be the point in your life)
there are other questions
they are all evading me now
it has been a long time since I have been social
I tended to answer "I need to go to the bathroom to all questions."
in my earlier days I lived and awkward paradox
I was both social and antisocial
well more clearly, I needed to be social, but for the most part I did not like people
being social is more of a compulsion than a pleasure
talking can be a disorder
or perhaps an uncontrolable bodlily function like farting, vomitting, or diahrrea.
I try to hold it in, but it has to come out, and it is not pleasing for anyone, well other than me, cause it is better when it is out.