as we travel the road of life we are often hit with a variety of choices
these choices are looked upon as crossroads

I am once again at a CROSSROAD
although most of my life is on a bit of an autopilot*
there are still some choices to be made from time to time

*I am married
father of one child and soon to have our second son
currently slaving for the man in classic 9-5 position
a wife, child, and job can act to script the decisions of my day to day life
there are routines and tasks or everyday life

my current crossroad is the decision of what to do with my truck
my 1984 Toyota Landcruiser is proving to have a list of short comings
winter is just not the season for this machine
the full size engine and its need to start with the assistance of the choke cause some inconveniences
the truck just does not like to start without the assistance of STARTER FLUID
actually the truck does not start at all, it has not been driven in over a month
(Napo "Napoleon Garcia" my mechanic has towed my truck away)
there are other issues
as a father I think that a safer machine would serve me better
airbags, crumple resistance side beams, and a functioning suspension system
plus, heat would be a nice treat in the winter
and a radio that played loud enough to hear over the engine would also be a bonus

with that said there may also be some need for some personal growth
as I am severely attached to the aesthetic of this old truck
although I do understand that it is foolish to cling to material goods
it is a major part of my existence
the character should not be able to outweigh it lack of functionality
yet I debate the issues further in my head