I am not a very political person
but, I do have an opinion

Last night was the STATE OF THE UNION
I missed it
not sure what I was doing at the time
must not have been watching TV, as it would have been on nearly every channel my limited DC cable has to provide
had I watched last nights speech
more than likely I would have been more intrigued by they different skin tones that are represented by each network
if just to bounce between NBC, ABC, and CBS you will see that each network favors a different hue
one may be more yellow, while another may be saturated with red
this goes unnoticed, unless you are a compulsive channel surfer (otherwise known as being male)

last night I did manage to catch some MOVEON.ORG advertisements
very clever

and did tune in for some reactions to the BUSH speech
but could not bring myself to sit and watch BUSH feed America a load of his BULLSHIT
this rant will be ended with a classic joke....

"How can you tell when Bush is telling a lie?"

"He is moving his lips."