It is about the MUSIC!
Remember, It is about the MUSIC!
well actually, nothing is that simple
people can often have an alternative agenda
even something as simple as a high school dance....

is it just about the music?
perhaps not, or people would just be playing the radio or a cd at home!

the music gets people together
it gets people moving
it can also help to allow people to express themselves
as well as allow two people to communicate
(often in ways that words can not convey)
the music can be very powerful, very very powerful
let it take control

everyone should dance
even if it is alone at home where no one can see
I seldomly dance
but I enjoy it when I do
let me take that back, I strut around the house like a miner who has struck gold or a rooster trying to get the attention of a mother hen, but these are more in an effort to get my son to giggle
guess it is dancing just the same, not pretty, but it is dancing

different music can ask for different settings
some music aids to excite
while other music may aid in relaxation
some music is perfect in a dimly lit room and a glass of red wine (choose your own poison)
sink deeply into a soft sofa and let your mind unwind
create your own FANTASIA!
other music acts as a sleep aid

people often use music to make a setting more romantic or perhaps seductive
(I say try some classic 80's SADE or some BRYAN FERRY)

you don't even need to listen to the lyrics
but you should listen to the emotions
chances are the emotions are more powerful than the lyrics

give it a shot
let me know what you come up with!

hold on
I think I confused two things
all I wanted to say is GET UP AND DANCE
that 80's music stuff was a sidebar, I was not giving tips on hooking up or getting laid
go to
they will clear up your confusion