this weekend past was "mas excellente"

after showtime I headed out the door
turned on my lights
jumped on my bike
and hit the trail
it was cold
but I was dressed for the weather
and loved having an excuse to go out and ride
I am lazy that way
motivation is weak
so I need to hide my workouts in errands or activities

on this day I was headed out to bethesda to walk my dad's dog
and put him in for the night

it was a good ride
met up with a roadie from a local riding club
my single speed was over spinning
and my legs were burning
but it was good to have company on this cold dark trail

upon arrival at my dad/'s max was excited to see me
he was doing his 3.5 vertical leap into the air
and then a series of spins
this dog is 99% enthusiasim
went inside
put some of my sweat soaked gear in the dryer
and took the dog to the nearest stretch of land so he could run
it was not much
but better than nothing

after the walk I cooked up some of my dad's food
ate, watched some tube, and kept the dog company

bored yet?

it is the tallest bike I have ever ridden
it has the tallest wheels I have ever ridden
it rides different than any other set up I have ever had
it is a fresh experience

all in a good way
this may be the first bike that ever fit me
as I am a 6'4" Clydesdale
many manufacturers stop at 20 or 21 inches
so that is what I have been riding (and toss in an era of some 19
inchers, not sure what I was thinking there)

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