life is funny
the dynamics of women and men can be silly
especially when the two try to communicate as couple or better yet as a married couple
I am a beast, a big old beast, yet I am scared of my petite wife
lisa is totally cool
as my 3rd grade neighbor Kara said last year as we were sledding at Klingle Mansion, "for a wife, Lisa is pretty cool."
Kara is right, for a wife lisa is pretty cool, I must consider myself lucky
but if lisa is so cool, why was I scared to tell her that I bought the Karate Monkey?
what would she do? ground me?
oh, it was not a matter of "to tell her or not to tell her..."
it was a matter of "when to tell her..."
so I waited
monitored her moods and her mood swings
watched for her sensitivity to various issues
and when the moment struck, I dropped the bomb

we were driving back from a hike with the dogs at Great Falls, right by Old Angler's Inn
Dean had spent the morning with my mom
Lisa had been able to spend some time to herself
she was refreshed and re-energized
so I said it....
we were talking about my BLOG
lisa asked who reads it
I said no one reads it, but rather it is written as an outlet
then I told her, "well, if you had been reading my blog you would know that I bought a new bike two weeks ago."
but without any ruffled feathers

with that said

Married Men Must Unionize
Standing Alone we are getting Stomped Upon!