What a way to start the morning!
or better yet
What a way to start a work day!

as my morning was spent with the regular routine of hangin, playin, wrestlin, and dressin Dean
load an assortment of toys into the backpack and out the door
then a very brisk hike with the dogs
Dean left the house gloveless, but made a rapid request for the gloves before we were able to cross the street into the woods, they were in my pocket, just in case
he was excited to walk/hike his way through the woods as the dogs ran leashless about their merry way
but the wind was so that I offered him a piggy back ride to accelerate the process
we did the drop off at Rosemount Daycare, what Dean refers to as, "art class"

back to the topic at hand; Minor Threat

What a way to start a work day!
Two cups of coffee and a viewing of some clips from this MINOR THREAT:DC SPACE-BUFF HALL-9:30 Club DVD.
Something about the energy of these performances aided to bring up all sorts of adolescent anger. Not sure where it comes from or where it should go, but these guys definitely knew what to do with their anger....pick up some instruments and start a band.
Ian took it one step further, then another, and yet another. Ian (certainly with the help of those that surrounded him) started a band (or two), a record label, and a movement (or two). WOW! This stuff is powerful. Crazy Powerful!

I am not going to write a history of Minor Threat
it is up to you to reseach further

Not sure where to go with this
Guess I will sit back, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pop open a coke and take in some more of this DVD.

Man these guys ROCKED!
So young
so full of power
so DRIVEN (and yes, in an MTV/VH1 sort of way)
these guys not only had an idea
but they developed it and developed it well
the music is raw yet polished, so the sound quality is not that of one of their records
but it offers for that SING ALONG experience that we all grew up with!

Get your hands on this thing!
Buy it!
View it!
Live it!
(I was not at these shows, but the music was part of me while it was happening, so I do not get to relive these shows, but I do get to relive those songs. As this band and their music was a large part of my adolescence and the formation of my IDENTITY)

this is the place to start your shopping
cut out the middleman!