more on bikes
gotta bring it back to the bikes

it is everything I expected
and more!
(including more expensive and more weight)
well, also more in a good way as well
got it out on the road
the gearing is definitely for the dirt
and also got it out on the dirt
just a twist here
and a turn there
just so hungry
can not help but pointing that thing to shoot through the trees

my current work schedule, the cold, and me being a bit of a pussy have kept me from the woods
there has been some poaching*

Main Entry: 1poach
Pronunciation: 'pOch
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Middle English pochen, from Middle French pocher, from Old French pochier, literally, to put into a bag, from poche bag, pocket, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English pocca bag
Date: 15th century
: to cook in simmering liquid
Date: late 20th-21st century
Pronunciation: 'pOch (dude)
Function: verb/noun/whatever dude
Etymology: Surfer/Snowboarder/Mountainbiker Slang
literally to step off the legal trail or path and explore ride further; often with no reguard for the law or rules

in my efforts to share my love and excitement for this new ride
a friend out in California shared with me the info on the makers of his (or one of his) single speed

thank you Peter Funk for this information
as a SOULRIDER I can appreciate their philosophy
good looking site
and a solid logo


and while we are on the topic