MOVEON.ORG is back in the news
not sure if any of this stuff will make a difference
hope it does
I am sure glad that someone is trying
if nothing else history will record that this country was not behind the actions of George W

this organization MOVEON had a contest
the slate was clear and open
it was up to the artist/activist/whatever to create what they wanted to create
the winner of the contest would have their ads hosted on national television the night of the STATE OF THE UNION
the one basic notion was to express displeasure with Bush and/or his policy

here is a submission by my friend ROB

Bush and the Environment

it is very SOUTH PARK and well worth a look
the audio bits are all snipits of George W himself

and here is the winner of the contest
and a write up about its being refused by CBS to be aired during the SUPERBOWL


share these movies and ideas with your friends
both that agree and disagree
anything to keep people thinking

oh, no
I need to tag this on as well
it seems that one of the entries (not a winner) has caused some outrage

Bush/Hilter Ad Response

the Ad is not available through
did not see it
will not try to defend or attack it
just putting it out there