or is it PLAYOFFS!
or is it the WORLD SERIES?
the Stanley Cup?
who gives a shit?

so I am supposed to work all week only to spend one of my two days off watching someone else do something?
I am not sure if I get that
actually I do not get that at all

most "sports fans" are not athletes at all
but I guess that is the point
they are living through the actions of others
wearing their jerseys
sporting their colors

I have better things to do
I have a life
I have a family
I have things to do

for me cycling tends to fill that space of time on Sundays
the standard procedure is for mountainbike races to be held on Sundays
and when there are no races I also have my family to hang out with or the house to work on
there is always something that needs to be done
I just do not see how watching someone else play a game will help me in any way
heck! Give me a backgammon board over an NFL Playoff Game anyday!

sadly I am drawn towards it
if I go to a bar and the blue box is glowing in the corner I turn my head and I watch
the powerful draw of that blue glow is too strong
it can not be fought
it is easy to get sucked in
but if given another option, any option I will take it

that is not to say that I can not appreciate good play!
highlights often catch my eye
the catch of the day or play of the game
that can occupy my mind, but a whole game
not for me

there are a few other thoughts that go with this rule
I will go to nearly any sporting event live
get me baseball tickets, I am there
but I have never seen a game on TV, not a second of a World Series
I just don't get it
football, sure, it is great to get out to the game
but once a year tends to be enough
the traffic getting in, the cattle call to file into the stadium, security, hassles, crowds, assholes, and then more traffic to get out
tailgating party seems like and oxymoron, or better yet, just a bunch of morons
sure I like to get drunk as much as the next idiot
but please leave your car at home
or better yet, stay at home

other sporting events also offer that once a year sampler pleasure
many of these events can be a people watching paradise
hockey games? sure
it is like a mullet convention
where do these people come from

live music is similar
most people would not be playing music if it were not for the stage
there have been enough days spent with my ears ringing due to an overly amplified concert/show
just don't need it
if I do go to a show now days there better be some space to dance
and no matter who the act is
I am wearing earplugs

why does it have to be so loud?

and more on the TV thing
my actions are classically male
I decompress infront of the tv everyday
channel surfing takes up a huge chunk of my day
but I would much rather watch VH1 Behind the Music
or American Chopper than any of that other crap


my rants today are really not going anywhere
I really could be using my time more productively

but work keeps distracting me
so my BLOG is getting limited attention in between tasks

I need to get paid to BLOG

did I mention
I hate Reality TV!
Reality TV Bites!
and that Star Search American Idol Crap!
what is that?
never seen it
but when I heard the buzz about it
I could just tell
it is not for me
most of that stuff just pisses me off
(which is not hard to do)

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