this is a message that I sent to the folks at OFF CAMBER
they asked for a bio
so I tossed this together

where to start? where to start?

Bio: I am a 36 year old male, married with one 2 year
old son, another son on the way, two dogs, and many
bicycles. When I am not working in the salt mines
doing IT Help Desk stuff for CBS News I am hiking with
my dogs in the urban forest which is Rock Creek Park,
hanging with my wife and child, or trying to do some

Riding to me is a mixture of pleasures. My commute is
short so I try to extend it, usually on the way home
as my morning routine does not allow me to get to work
on time, much less take the long road. So I ride
around town when I head to a friend's house or a bar,
hopeing that I run enough errands that I will be
strong enough to hammer the trails in the area. Sundays
are often trips to a local race, there is some
occassional touring, but less as I am a family man
with a 9-5 lifestle. Trying to keep a healthy balance.
Cycling is my Prozac, although I may still need

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