this morning was a mixture of pain and pleasure

this morning was tough
dean was in a "mood"
he did not want to do anything
he did not want to eat
he did not want to sled
he did not want to play in the snow
he did not want to go to art class
he did not want to get dressed
well, getting him dressed is often as much fun as bathing a cat

there was plenty of time
and if he did not want to go sledding
that was more chill out time for me
so we put in the Disney film dinosaurs and hung out
he was mellow and pleasant

the dogs did not eat the cereal that dean had thrown onto the bench/chair so I cleaned it up
tossed the green apple that he specifically requested away
and ended up throwing away the fruit cup of mandarin oranges that he selected from the pantry

once dean was dressed
I got dressed
we headed out the door
crossed Park Road into Rock Creek Park
our house is in an excellent location, 20 yards from the woods
less than 2 miles from the White House
(get the Texan out before he brings down our property value)
loaded dean into the sled against his will
he enjoyed it as we meandered down the path towards "art class"
thought that he would want to sled, sort of get bitten by the bug
it seemed to have worked
he was grinning ear to ear
his smiles ended he wanted to go home
he tried to bail out
"man over board"
he did a high speed dismount
gloves were off
and his hands were cold
he definitely wanted to go home
brushed the snow off his 38 inch tall body
removed the snow from inside his gloves
and then got him on my shoulders and walked him to art class made the drop off leashed the dogs to the rail fence out front of Rosemount

after dean was dropped off
back to the woods with the dogs
got to drink my coffee
as I lack enough hands to juggle child/sled/dogs/and coffee
as I drank my coffee
Roscoe and Brutus took inspiration from the snow and leaped into a heated battle
it was like a chapter from a Jack London book
there was tugging and biting that would have surely sent any non dog person running
then, not sure what happened
the already heated battle got hotter
the tone of the growl went from play to actual fighting
I rushed the dogs and tried to break them free with verbal commands
seconds later I grabbed and pulled them apart
not knowing who was at fault or what had actually happened I kicked some snow in their faces and told them to mellow out
this sort of thing has happened before
my guess is that one of them got their lower jaw stuck under the other's collar
but who knows
they each walked behind me
keeping their distance from each other
I called each one to me independently
checked them over for injury
and gave them each a little love

in less than ten minutes they were back together
ah brothers
that wonderful relationship of brothers
first they ran off
soon enough they were back to that wrestle and chase game that they do
no grudges between this set of brothers