winter arrived yet again
then the snow came
another winter ill prepared

so with no research
no knowledge of the subject
just a quick pick off the sale rack at an online cross country ski specialist
(or so they call themselves)
more than anything there was a price point
this package met my price point

as I have no real previous experience with this sport I will know no difference

let me know

does this look like a good purchase?

XC Ski Package

my brother fears that my purchase may not meet my personal needs
my needs as a larger athlete
a 6'4", 240 pound orc of an athlete

then anna questioned if it was a good investment for the 3 times a year when there is enough snow in this town for such an activity

that is exactly why I bought them
for those 3 times a year

the package should arrive by wednesday of next week
the snow should be melted by monday

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