this evening I did a drive by an old friend's house
well, since it was on bicycle, it was a ride by
it was like old times
cocktail hour on maryland avenue northeast
although water was my pleasure
I enjoyed the excuse to lengthen my ride home from work
it was cool to see Adam's most recent woodwork
his skill boggles the mind, it all happened so fast
the passion he has for his "craft" is visible

while there another friend questioned the design and purpose of the single speed karate monkey
having no luck in the past to explain the single speed to a non single speeder I reached for a metaphor
Stoff being a photographer I went for his craft/art (what ever art or wood working may be)
simple and plain
the single speed is a pin hole camera
sure I could take better shots with my Canon 35mm or even my Minolta 3.2 megapixel camera
but instead I choose a pinhole
and a sturdy and solid pin hole it is
not just a cardboard box, but an actual camera
to get the desired image it may take more work
but the final results can be so gratifying
knowing it was done with the pinhole camera

the visit was a drive by
a quick hello and than back headed into the setting sun
the orange sun splitting through the windows of the Capitol building
off for home
to walk the dogs and join my family at the dinner table
or try to catch up with them with whatever stage they are in the evening

just have to arrive alive
riding a bike in the city is like swimming in the Pirahna infested Amazon
nips at your feet
dipping and weaving, dodging and avoiding any and all dangers

(as it turns out Dean was feeling all sorts of active, so we took the stroller to the streets took in the sight of the black sky and the white moon, the air was brisk and refreshing, Dean learned the word archetechture as we looked at the national cathedral off in the distance, then he got to explore our elderly indonesian neighbors house as we invited ourselves in as house guests, we shared the joy of our new arrival of Grant and the pending arrival of their grandson, due in a month)