Monday is here...the weekend has passed
It was a great weekend, Saturday made my whole weekend, the surrounding night and days were great, yet, somehow I managed to have a full weekend in a day.
Friday Night? I can not recall....
Heading home from work I rode some urban dirt on the Karate Monkey and beat up my body. A few times I could not decide to roll down some drops of launch off them, so instead I did a feeble in between maneauver. Landing each time, but putting more shock into my shoulders and neck than I need.
Saturday am came up real early with Dean, maybe a bit before 6am, then went back to bed for an hour when Lisa and Grant got up. Hung with the kids while Lisa walked Roscoe and Brutus.....
Grant cried. I tried multiple positions, rocking, swaying, dancing, talking...Dean even helped. It took Lisa's return to set him straight again.
The clock was ticking, I grabbed my mat and rushed out the door to Yoga. I have been taking these Ashtanga Yoga classes for just over two months now. Really enjoying them. Was not sure what to do about the class with my stiff neck. Asked Gail, the instructor, what I should do...Gail felt that it could help or it could hurt, we just could not be sure. So I entered the class knowing I would be be able to attempt all positions and poses. Got into class, I was almost late, it was a full house. I found a spot right next to Rob and Vida. We chatted as we set up our mats. VIda told me that she and rob were available for dinner that night. I was shocked. Lisa had told me that we were going out on a date...just the weekend prior I was told by lisa that she wanted some one on one time, tired of everytime that we go out that I felt the need to make it a group event....I told Vida that she needed to talk with Lisa, I was not in a position to book a date for that evening.

Gome, joked with lisa about that night's plans. Talked with Rob and Vida and settled in on some plans. Firmed up with Charolotte for babysitting. Lisa packed up the kids and headed off to the Zoo where she was meeting up with Mary, Eric, and Conrad. This was perfect, I feared it was dangerous to do Yoga and go Mountainbiking on the same day. But lisa had given the green I went with it.

Dave rolled up with his Sport Single Speed on the Passat and we loaded up my lead sled, the Rocky Mountain BLizzard, and headed out to grab Marc and his Canyon Snail to head off to the local trails at Cabin John. The trails are close, not that crowded, and perfect for an early season ride. My stiff neck was limiting my ability to scan around on the trails, forced to focus on field of view right before me, but we were riding casually enough that it was not an issue. It was a good ride, we all broke a sweat, no one broke their neck and we all got back at the same time as our wives and children.
No real heat.
Then a little time to clean up and get organized for the evening.
Lisa and I were headed out on the town with Rob and Vida, with Grant at our side.
Charolotte babysat with her kid sister Bella.
They played with Dean and wore him out. Everyone had a great time. It was fun for them.
We look forward to it again in two weekends!

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