this is a response to a BLOGGER out west, TIMMYP
the KARATE MONKEY is part of his life as well
he tells great tales of living with the monkey

ah yes
the cycling experience is very different than many others
you see and smell your surroundings like no other
in my wide array of tools so many have been found on my rides around the city (DC)
my bright neon green tape measurer with the name PIG etched in the back
the black crow bar with the owners info stenciled in red paint
then some tools I will never need
like the suction cups that would be good for the Human Fly to climb glass sky scrapers
in addtion to the tools there are many other things scored on these rides
I am a semi-pro dumpster diver
all sorts of wheels and bikes;most that I will never use, have been found in the city alleys
then yesterday as I rode some rogue trails behind the DC resivour near the C&O canal I saw a rocky creek that I had never seen before
a great secret spot
maybe a place to take the dogs
or to just relax and eat a sandwhich mid ride
funny, I have been there several times before, but never looked over the edge, guess I was there during seasons where the green growth obstructed my view

I know alley short cuts that take me back in time
on Capitol Hill weaving between the 100 pllus year old houses
through that alleys past the carriage houses
imagining that their are horses and buggies rather than SUVs and lawn mowers

on my commutes to work I look into the cars and buses and I pedal by
eye contact is shared
I try to read their mind from my end and they try to read mine
I have a hard time understanding their choice of travel and they have no concept of mine
pretty girls wait at the bus stops
well dressed men hail cabs
nannys of one color push strollers carrying children of another
dogs walk the city streets, my attention waits to see if this dog owner picks up his dogs waste
I have seen this guy before....he never picks up
the other cyclist...the courier...the homeless man that pushes his bike that carries all that he owns....the latino man on the ladies bike....the roadie back from his training ride...and the other commuters making their way to work

each day I see the sights
no day is exactly as the day before
yet these days are completely different