Lodi Numbers
Big: 5 laps, 48.6 minute average, 45 minute fast lap (two 45 minute laps)
Bald: 5 Laps, 47.8 minute average, 43 minute fast lap
Bossy: 5 laps, 53.6 minute average, 48 minute fast lap

Big, Bald, and Bossy finished 4th in 3 Person Expert and were faster than the fastest 3 Person Sport Team, the last lap finishing at 12:30

The winning 3 Person Sport Team was comprised of some racers from Mt. Nittany Wheel Works a shop in State College PA, Eric and Frank were two of the founding members of the City Bikes Mountainbike team (along with current member, ultra endurance racer Brian Kemler. Eric Roman manage to score the second fastest lap in the race on his Pink IF Single Speed which stole the 'kitty' at our pitt for the 2 dollar gamble for FASTEST LAP (a competition I did not enter after seeing Eric's name on the list, figured I could just toss my 2 dollars into the fire.)