you must check this out
you must check it out
this is something that everyone must see
and most anyone can appreciate
but, you will be inspired

here is a response I posted on the PBS website
or at least I sent it their way
but a year after the release

The film moved me. I had no prior knowledge of Rell Sunn and her life
story. I was "channel surfing" when I stumbled on the beginning of
this film. I was drawn in by Rell's life philosophies and by the epic
surf footage. Then when the story started to unfold I was so attached
and touched by her. I wept openly, I weep now.
Her life was an inspiration.
Her battle with cancer was an inspiration.
My life carries no great burdens, her life example helps me to
appreciate the wonderful life I have and hopefully will aid me to
live life to its fullest.
I am going to buy this film so that the feeling does not fade and so
that I can share it with others.
Heart of the Sea is a film that can change people. It is going to go
in my DVD collection right next to BARAKA.
After this film I feel as if I lost a friend that I never knew.

here is the listing for local tonight
go to this site and see when it is playing locally in your area