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I did not disagree one bit. A single speed class is fine. All of the subgroups in mountainbike racing are good to spread out the racers. Laptimes tell the final story. I hate getting stuck behing the weaving catepillar, the hole shot should not be that vital. But there is no NEED for a single speed class. The reality...if you are riding a single speed and you are significantly slower that you would be on a geared bike, you are a poser and a fool riding that machine for fashion. I like to race CLYDESDALE, but I race as fast and hard as I can. I feel I am bringing respect to my class and I BELIEVE THAT IT IS A GREATER BARRIER BEING OVER 200 POUNDS THAN BEING 35 OR 30! (and I am over 230)
A few weeks ago I did the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms in Fredericksburg VA. I entered on a three person expert team, but opted to race my rigid single speed, but I brought my geared hardtail in case I felt that I was significantly slower on the single. I had a variety of other self imposed rules.....DO NOT RACE SINGLE SPEED OR DUO IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO MORE LAPS THAN A RACER ON A 3 PERSON TEAM! On our team each racer did 5 laps, I could have done more, I did not sleep, but I had more in me, sure i hurt afterwards, sure I could feel the effects for a few days afterwards, but I know I had more laps in me, and some more equally fast laps too! But those folks racing duo or solo who did less than 5 laps....please do not be hanging out at a party trying to impress some chic with your tales of racing solo/duo.
Okay, I better slow down...I am not lance armstrong/nor am I ned overend, so I should back off and let people all achieve their personal best. After all, Personal Best is all what I am about. But I still do have all of these rules I have set for myself and feel that all others should adhere to aswell.....

forgive me....
I blame my parents
and I do
I blame my parents
they messed me up
they are good folk
but they messed me up
I am one messed up dude
making all these rules
giving all sorts of people these tickets, imaginary tickets in my head

no one is going to support my ideas of speeding up NATURAL SELECTION! And all those people who applied to be DARWINIANS are going to be out of work!