Who is Scrooge?
In the courier world there are a cast of characters who are lifers. Many of them have identities and personalities that I have created in my own mind. For years I have seen these guys pounding the streets. Riding different bikes, wearing different fashions. Existing in different styles. There is one old school lifer that I have never shared so much as a nod or a wave with but I still have great respect for. He goes by the name Scrooge. Now I am not sure if that is his name or a nickname. He has been out there on the streets for one year short of forever. It always surprises me when I see him doing something positive. The first time I saw him volunteer for Bike DC I was a tad shocked. As he had never given me a nod or a wave and after all he does go by Scrooge, then why did he offer his time for free. In recent years I have seen Scrooge and his cargo bike head out to Rock Creek Park. He and a gaggle of his friends meet up there, cook on the grill and run some sort of informal hill climb training or races. It is all pretty cool. He is enjoying like. Living it on a bike and doing it on his own terms. Scrooge's Bike.

then again....
why should he give me a wave? I am just a short range commuter. A desk jockey with a few moments on the bike. I am not part of his tribe. I am wearing a clean pressed shirt and my shoes at work don't make any strange noises when they tough concrete or a tile floor.