Abusive Bosses...
Years ago I worked at Big Wheel Bikes.
It is an interesting shop, as all bike shops can be. But this one is a little different. The multi-shop owner Mike Sendar is a total character, and often a bit of an asshole. There is a NY TIMES ARTICLE that discusses research about such "bullying bosses" and also their second in command who adopts the same behavior, which in this case would be the Arlington Store manager, Mike. I worked for Sendar on and off again for a couple of years, it was like one of those late teens/early 20's dating relationships. You know the ones....the ones were the couple keeps falling back into the arms of the other, knowing that they do not want to be there, but feels that it is better to be with someone rather than to be alone and at least they are getting laid. Well, Big Wheel offered me that same similar security, except not in dating, but in the world of employment. Is that metaphor too flimsy for ya? Are you stuck on thinking that I was dating Mike Sendar? PLEEEAAAASSSE!
In any case...my time at Big Wheel was a colorful time. Not the most productive, but it had its flavor. I worked hard and did a good job, but kept getting slammed by the boss. Sort of like a big dumb labrador retriever who keeps bringing his master his slippers, only to be slammed upside the head with the newspaper on each approach. Then rather than biting the master or running away, this big dumb lab just stood there wagging his tail.

For those who don't know about Big Wheel Bikes, ask a friend....I am sure that someone has a story about being screwed by Big Wheel or having Sendar take their money and slam the door right in their face.
Funny thing....for those not in the bike world there is a similar book store in DC and the surrounding area, Second Story Books. This used book store employed all sorts of indy rockers for years and years long before there was even the term indy rockers. The employer treats his employees in a similar fashion and runs his stores in a similar manor....and Mike Sendar is this shop owners lawyer. Birds of a feather?