so I had this put a couple of bucks into my Rocky Mountain Blizzard before the 24 Hours of Snowshoe...Disc brakes were my main objective. After some math I started to think that I could get a new bike out of a box for just a little bit more...well a tad more than a little more, but not much. So I settled in on a Jamis Dakota XC , sure the DRAGON is a tad nicer, but it was a little more than this logical step wanted to take me....for that much money I may cross to the DARK SIDE and go full suspension. Well, all that dreaming of the Dakota XC was a waste of time, they do not have the 2004 models available, I could get a great deal on a 2003, but, the 2003 lacks the DISC BRAKES; the center of my upgrade decision. (neither had a fork suitable to my size and stature) Then I started to flip flop in all sorts of directions....Karate Monkey owners said get another monkey...but one said DON'T GEAR THE MONKEY. That one vote was my Henry Fonda among 12 Angry Men, he had presented a reasonable doubt. So I be bobbed around the net and started to get opinions from friends who ride, friends in the industry, people who made recent purchases, and from strangers all over the WEB. Soon I was thinking 29 Inch Double Banger. But I could not find the FISHER HOOK UP! And then I noticed...the FISHER LACKS THE DISC BRAKES! So even with the HOOK UP it would cost me more than I am looking to spend....yet there was no hook up so my dreams in that direction did not occupy much time. It is not that disc brakes are that expensive, but with disc brakes you need a disc wheel and a disc fork.

Now I am back to the MONKEY!
It offers so much what I am looking for!
I have ridden it and I know I love it! It is moderately cheap....not free....and this process is not proving to be easy, yet I chase this dream down just the same. CAN THIS ALL BE DONE IN TIME FOR THE 24 HOURS OF SNOWSHOE? Am I not learning from DT that you can not bleed your hydraulic brakes at 11:50 PM when the race starts at MIDNIGHT? Am I shooting for the impossible?

That reasonable doubt was the speed check that I needed....but hopefully I did not slow so much that I will not clear my obstacle (getting this bike for Snowshoe)

the main question is...
If so...I may make the call tomorrow
that is if Mike works on Thursday
not sure...but I think Thursday is his tanning day at the beach, Monday was his massage and facial day at the he was in a meeting at the downtown store.

Wish me luck!
Help me to get the bike I want and need
try to insure/assure me a dry race at SNOWSHOE because the Karate Monkey is a tad heavy and the 29 inch wheels are bigger and could hold more mudd
thus causing the risk of a hernia on the first section of muddy hike-a-bike

give me guidance
or a winning lotto ticket