BLOG? The modern BARD!?
I have been panning my mind for a classic tale...
one of those stories that I have told so many times that when I start my memory does not reflect on the incident itself, but rather on the story and how it should be told.
These are the stories that made me feel as if I was born in the wrong time, that I should have been born in Medieval Times and taken the role of the Bard! Hold on I can still take on the role of the Bard at Medieval Times! I will email them my Blog page and see what sort of offer they will make me. Maybe it will pay more than my current job, and no one will be offended at lunch time when I eat with my hands!

oddly enough a friend of mine who is this pro-style photographer was up in NY last weekend and was supposed to work a shoot of a modern day jousting tournament
apparently these rival gangs in NY joust on bicycles!
(yes, had to bring it back to the bike! that is what tangent hopping is all about!)
he did not make the shoot, everything was coming together too late
it sounds like something I would like to check out
wonder if they have different classes...single speed, masters, vet, etc