this is a post that I have started several times, tried once to publish it unfinished
yet for some reason it does not appear
so I start to get the point across, again

there are two points

1. I am a dumpster diver, fred sanford is my hero
it is my dream for my life to be more like his, or at least my house
currently only my garage and basement have that moldy junk everywhere feel, if I had things my way...it would be the whole house. lucky for me and the world, lisa IS IN THE HOUSE!

2. would I be a dumpster diver if I lived in a rural mountain village in Peru? We have enough money to buy stuff, so why do I feel compelled to gather all sorts of junk I do not need and will not every use. Do those two things mean the same? repetition is my writing style.

long story short...

I was driving in Northern VA trying to find my friend maggie's house. I have been there a handful of times, but I have a problem with Virginia. Something to do with not thinking I will ever go back there, so I do not feel like I will ever have to learn my way around. Some sort of amenesia effect. Well, I did not find her house, but as I drove down a street that I thought was her's I saw a pile of junk. At the bottom of that pile of rubbish, with Dean napping in the car seat I turned it around and pulled in closer for a look, once closer it look promising, I stopped the car , opened the door, and stood up and moved in closer, instead of instinctively closing the door, I moved to the hatch back door unlock button. I could see that this dive was worth taking. It turned out to be an OUTBACK aluminum frame, no rear wheel, but a nice XTR/XT mix. Everything is rusty and crust, but in good enough condition to meld with lisa's bike for a step up. The shock still had nice action, even if the headset was fused with rust in place. Today at Home Depot while grabbing some wood for the deck I also grabbed some powder pink spray paint, it was called rose something, but it was still the best of what was available.

this bike is definitely a keeper
and I have room for it as I took a handful of the other bikes that I rescued in the same fashion to Chain Reaction (as well as giving a mess of stuff to career courier Scotty as well)

in addition to dumpster diving I also make foolish purchases at yard sales, garage sales, thrift stores...friends of friends, coworkers...I can not pass up good deal...
although you rarely know it is a good deal until you get it home or until you pass on it
so I do not risk passing on it

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