What was the first thing that happened to the Invisible Man when his wife had their first child?

He became apparent!

It is a funny thing. With as much work as children demand and all the sacrifices parents have to make it is hard to imagine that one of the first reaction to having children is.....I wish I had done this sooner. It is an odd phenomena. Parenthood is a club, correction, Parenthood is a cult. A cult where all the members are only permitted to talk about these three topics; children, realestate, and schools. To the outsiders we are a complete bore, but to the members of this cult...the well informed are the "bell of the ball."

Compare and contrast Pampers vs. Huggies?
To Diaper Genie or not to Diaper Genie?
What are the latest Safety Recalls?
some people get a little deeper into the magic by researching the philosophy of teaching a child to ride a bike without training wheels vs. learning to ride a bike with training wheels

well you get the picture....

but that is my life
I roll up to the toddler park
my older son Dean runs off and starts climbing on stuff
and I walk around with my younger son Grant in my arms and yap it up with the other parents
and that is what we talk about

that is why I had to turn to other people for information on what suspension forks to by and other topics I would have been more up to date with if I were not the father of two wonderful boys!

oh....right now Dean is really psyched about the bike
at times he likes to move from his two wheeler with training wheels to his tricycle....aka the three wheeled direct drive machine (a kids fixed gear)