this is on brian's mac page
click on the first image and it will open a slide show
then scroll on through to see all the glory that is the podium at Snowshoe
(if you listen closely you can hear fully loaded cars and trucks squealing wheels as they pull out of the parking lot thus leaving the ceremony for those receiving the awards,and only first and second place were on raised platforms...third in all classes stood at the same level at the deck)

in hindsight I am not sure if I fully appreciated the moment
it is pretty cool
our team was solid and we finished strong
there were those that were faster
there were even more who were slower

I would have to say that I am curious about the future of Granny Gear in West Virginia
Laird is crazy loyal to that state
he may be leaving Snowshoe resort, but he will never leave West Va

((if you bother to look at the images you will get a kick out of me in the shot where all the racers raise their arms and cheer....the cycling apparel is less than flattering to my Clydesdale build...my gut rolling right out))

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