I Bill Clinton Narcoleptic?
On Friday at the Reagan funeral at the National Cathedral I caught a clip of Bill Clinton asleep at the funeral. Then today there was a press conference, looked like Bush was about to speak, Clinton was there as well. His head was down and he looked like he might be asleep, then when there was clapping at the arrival of Bush he snapped up as if from a bit of a nap.

That is my man Bill!
oddly I think that this gathering was for a portrait of Bill and a portrait of Hillary...separate portraits as they could not get them to be along side of each other long enough for the painter to make a sketch.

Encyclopædia Britannica Article

a sleep disturbance that is characterized by sudden, uncontrollable spells of sleep during the day, with disturbances of sleep at night.

The syndrome usually occurs in youth or early adult life and is presumably due to dysfunction of the diencephalic reticular system. The narcoleptic can fall asleep anywhere, anytime—while in conversation, at work, while eating, …