Nice Breasts......Nice Rims!
This is a tough post to try and compose as the written word can be so incriminating, but I feel that Lisa is accepting that I will look at other women until I am blind or until I am dead. Hopefully writing this post will not have Lisa kill me or blind me....
The other day I was walking down the street when I saw these two women walking down the block. They had similar builds; long, tall, and lean; each with rather small breasts. The site was taken in with the same pleasure of viewing the setting sun, I looked at them as they passed as if it were the sun dipping off the horizon, just soaking it in and allowing it to disappear, enjoying the warm glow knowing it would soon be gone. Once they passed I thought to myself....those were two very attractive women. In a certain way their small breasts were an asset rather than a detracting. Had they each had large breasts I feel that most onlookers (maybe even me) would have zeroed in on the breasts and missed out on the other features. Yes, other features....the shape of the eyes, the curve of the nose, the muscular angles of the legs....okay you get the point, no need for me to go any further as we all know the components of the female form. With that said.....a boob job can be like some flashy rims on a nice car. The car goes down the block with its sharp lines and smooth curves, all the while the eyes are drawn in towards the spinning chrome...and the rest of the car is over shadowed by the wheels/rims. Almost as if the rest of the car does not matter....seconds later you could ask the gapping onlookers what color the car was and you are sure to get a blank stare and an audible, "dah, I don't know....but those were some nice rims!"

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