Off to Snowshoe....
I am out of bed, coffee is brewing, time to walk the dogs
while I walk the dogs I will run through a mental checklist of what I best not forget....
bikes...lights...many changes of cycling gear...several pairs of shoe...two helmets
it seems so easy!
all I need is multiples of what I would need to ride
but something vital can easily be overlooked
when the coffee finishes brewing and I take that first morning sip
then my mind will think more clearly
I am off...
wish me luck!
think dry!
and if your feel the need to know how the race is going for me and for others, Granny Gear has REAL TIME RESULTS


hope my bike and body hold up!
this is the equivelant of many races in one weekend
if it is dry I expect to do roughly 5 laps
which would be the basic equivelant of doing 5 races in 24 Hours!

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