I do not consider myself particularly superstitious, but I do try to pick up certain signs in life. The other morning I was up with Dean and Grant in the play room, I had the TV on to help entertain Dean as I was fully occupied trying to entertain Grant. The cartoon playing was something on one of those kids channels, maybe Nickelodeon, not sure. It was not the rug rats, but drawn in a similar style, the characters were all surfing, there was a big fat native Hawaiian adult was giving the kids guidance. One of the children, this little while dough boy of a child, could not balance the board well enough to paddle, the adult flashed back to his childhood and the same set of issues. It seems that the solution to the young boys troubles was his board, he was short boarding it, when he needed to be on a long board. Once on the long board he was cutting through the waves (and in this story...more importantly accepted by the cool kids.) After seeing this I knew that it was a sign! The 29 Inch Wheel Bike is my Long Board! The morning continued, Soledad came over to watch Grant, I dressed Dean, walked the dogs with Dean on my shoulder through Rock Creek, dropped Dean off at Rosemount Center, headed back through the woods, changed into cycling gear, went into work a few minutes late as usual, and finished my research on the correct 29 inch fork that I needed for the Karate Monkey.

Not sure if my LONG BOARD has been ordered, but am excited to be surfing the dirt in no time on a SUPERSIZED bike for a SUPERSIZED RIDER! But not sure if this purchase will give me any help in being accepted by the cool kids