this is a very odd little passion/compulsion I have developed over the last year
it is a whole lot of fun, almost as much fun as my old SCRABBLE addiction on GAMES.com
that offered me so much, both game and chat, but not unlike THE BLOG it took so much of my energy and attention from the tasks at work
sure, right now I am REIMAGING one of the company user's new machines
and sure, my writing a blog is no different than someone else reading the paper, doing a cross word puzzle, or even playing that dreaded solitaire
yet, my rationalization gives some sort of admission of guilt
or worse yet, fear of my boss' disapproval
but...he left early and I am staying late, so I guess it is all okay
as long as I get my work done there is no complaint
if laptops were stacking up at my desk and the help line was ringing off the hook
and I was screaming "NOT NOW! I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF A BLOG!" well, then and only then I think I would have an issue, well, I may have an issue, but maybe then I would have a serious issue

on a similar related not of "WHY DO I BLOG?"
I typed out a tale of meeting Brooke Shields while mountainbiking a few entries ago
and it did not score even one comment
guess I should go back and edit it with a Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton sandwich