The Balance of Life
Simple enough....there has to be a balance in life. Priorities need to be set and there needs to be a constant check that all things are in order. At times there may be a shift in priorities so that a certain area of life may be either brought up to speed or taken to the next level. In high school during my one year of JV soccer coach Hostetler gave us each what he thought was to be our list of priorities.

1. God
2. Family
3. School
and then somewhere down the lower.....self

well....that is a good basic guideline...but I think that my current list of priorities may be a little different as I am not in school and organized religion is not really my thing.

so my priorities may look more like this...
(such a hard list to any man knows there are givens that need not be said; for example....keeping the wife happy is priority one, cause if the momma ain't one is happy)

so here is my list

1. Keep Lisa Happy
2. Keep Lisa Happy
3. Keep Lisa Happy

which at different parts of the day will mean that there are sub categories.....
as in this weekend

1. Keep Lisa Happy by having a baptism for our 6 month old baby; Grant (religion/god)
2. Keep Lisa Happy by being a good host to her family that will be in town from Pittsburgh (family)
3. Keep Lisa Happy by not losing my job (work; which was school of most people's youth)
and so on
and so on
and so on
then somewhere down the list I have to throw in cycling instead of soccer
then go further down the list and see if I can sneak my name in there are a priority

my boss just walked in
so it is time for me to concentrate on PRIORITY NUMBER THREE!

taking a break from the installation of the New Windows XP SP2

don't get me wrong...MY WIFE IS A MACHINE!
as that commercial once said...."She can bring home the bacon! Fry it up in the pan!"
and much, much, more
Lisa has an immeasurable amount of energy. She gets up early after a sleepless breast feeding night. She handles all sorts of things around the house in the am long before I even get out of bed. Lisa is more than the glue that holds our family together, she is the buttressing that holds up the house....the gas that fuels our cars....the food we have on our plates....she is all....she is everything. Lisa has always been a giving person. As a mother and wife she gives all she can and then gives some more. For this I thank her...and for her not reading my BLOG...I thank her again. Lisa is amazing, yet she is still a woman, so I am forced to contend with some of the basic conflicts of the Male/Female interpersonal relationship. We are different beasts with a different approach to life and a different way of communicating our needs and our wants.

Currently, I want to do a race this Saturday. My weekends have been bike-less for months. No dirt since the last Wakefield Race, and no real dirt since the 24 Hours of Snowshoe. Family and Deck have taken priority over the bike for all weekends since the 24 Hours of Snowshoe. Hey, I think I put things in the right priority....Family....then work (house work in this case) and then down the ladder...ME (excuse me, that is me.)

more in a bit
gotta jam on some work
these machines on my side have just caught up with me

this is getting super annoying is getting buggy
or at least on this machine
no I take that back is getting buggy!
At home and now at work I have had glitchy issues with my Posts Being Published

this post continued on with a sappy statement about how I love my wife and my family is lucky and all that

I love my wife Lisa
I appreciate all that she does for me and all that she does for our family
I consider myself lucky to have lisa as a wife and as a friend
Dean and Grant should consider themselves lucky to have Lisa as a mom
Roscoe and Brutus are lucky to have Lisa as an owner
to quote our third grade neighbor Kara as we were sledding down the hill at Klingle Mansion last winter, "lisa is cool for a wife"
yes, lisa is cool for a wife
our family is lucky to have her

I just remembered that I ended the original post that never got published with this statement
lisa is amazing, but she is still a women