Last night Lisa and I went to a "function" at the City Museum
our original intention was to get a baby sitter and go to view the exhibit while shaking hands, mixing, mingling, and eating free food

we were less than prepared
tried to arrange a sitter
but my mother was sick and the other standby had obligations
so we went to this function with the boys; Dean and Grant
going to a cocktail affair with children is a different experience than going without
instead of looking people in the eye while talking to them my eyes are on my wandering children
instead of grazing and feeding myself I am gathering food and trying to feed my sons
instead of reading and learning about the city, I am trying to teach my sons about the city and about how to behave in a museum (just because you can climb and jump off something does not mean that you should or are allowed to)

so our stay was short and moderately sweet

we are members of this new City Museum so we will have to go back again
it seems like they made some very strong efforts for an interesting and interactive museum experience
looking forward to diving deeper into it
would love to stuff some of that information into my brain