Another rant....not sure where this is going....

A few weeks ago I had the honor of being awarded a Sportsmanship Award from a race promoter in Deleware. It is an honor and a priledge as well as being something that I blogged about previously. The RANT is just a few postings down and I feel that it is well worth a look. Please scroll down and take a read.

In the experience of recieving this award I experienced some revelations.

Most of these revelations surrounded death and our understanding of death. The award that was given to me was in honor of a cyclist from that racing community, his name was Andrew Mein. Andrew died one day while riding home from work on his bicycle. Before going to this awards banquet I thought that I had a good understanding of the loss (I already blogged about it, so I will try not to repeat myself) Once at the banquet I heard a speech from one of Andrew's close friends, Marc Vettori, I started to get a better idea about death....not just the death of a fellow cyclist, but death as a whole. A few days after receiving the award I happened to catch the HBO documentary, LAST LETTERS HOME, as mentioned previously in one of my postings I cried for a full hour only to break between tears to curse George W. Bush. We hear the death count, we balance the scales of the lives lost. Always less Americans dead than Iraqis, for some reason this makes us feel better. But each death is just another number. Somehow we manage to dehumanize these deaths. We keep it all in our heads as numbers. But each and every one of these persons who dies is more than a number. Each person is a child to two parents, perhaps a brother or a sister, maybe a husband or a wife, and worst of all maybe a parent themselves. This dead parent will never live to see their children grow. Leaving a child that will never grow to know that parent. AND FOR WHAT? Can someone tell me what this is all for?

With these thoughts of the life and death I have become more concerned with my behavior and the behavior of others.....
running stop signs
road rage

not just to the cyclist
car on car!


I am lost
not sure where I was trying to take this
when starting this entry my intention was to link to Marc Vettori's NEW BLOG SITE
somehow my ADD brain went in all sorts of unrelated directions
oh well
such is life being me
welcome to my mind
(and this is the censored part....cleared up for mass consumption)

has not posted since September
either he has been forbidden to blog
has a new site under a new name
has been sent home
or has been killed

or maybe he is headed to the NY TIMES BEST SELLER LIST

oh yea
what was BUSH talking about when he said, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?"