Blanket Statements

It seems that I have been using a BLANKET STATEMENT when I talk about NPR.
Perhaps I am a tad confused.
Perhaps I am not concerned with the specifics.
Perhaps I just did not care enough to create subgroups when discussing the topic of radio.
Perhaps I am just not that bright.

In the comments sections a few days ago I was corrected on my of NPR when I was actually referring to PRI, then there are times when I talk about NPR when I should really be talking about WAMU.

In any case....I will try to be more clear about such things, if for no other reason than to not have to have people correct me all the time. It may seem like rectangles and squares, but to some people the differences as subtle as they may seem are important.

This American Life aka TAL
All Things Considered (NPR)

and of course everyone's favorite CAR TALK
I have always wanted to create a bicycle version of CAR TALK ; BIKE TALK
of course there would have to be guests and experts and all sorts of stuff
it could be real fun
people could call and talk on and on about the sound that their chain is making
and I could have Eric Welp Chain Reaction Director tell them that their kick stand is loose and needs to be tightened and that it is not their chain, but rather their crank hitting the kick stand on each rotation of the pedals