Close to the Christmas Season....

My three and a half year old son Dean is convinced that Christmas has yet to happen as there was no snow on the ground for Christmas Day....
all the Christmas movies and all the Christmas songs paint a magical image of a snow covered Christmas morning
is Dean expecting another round of presents as well?
he may get some snow....but he most definitely will not get another room full of presents until next December 25th!

It will be nice to tuck away that Christmas Mix CD until next year
as well as not having to view "rudoph or santa" in animated form for another 11 months
as much as I love the holidays
they stress me out
no "post party depression" for this guy
just happy that it went well and that it is behind me
now it is time to sit back count all the loot and play with all of those awesome presents!
the labels and cards may say TO DEAN or TO GRANT but someone has to put the batteries in and test that remote control car!

Holiday Highlights....
Shannon Weeks popping in for a evening long hello
Tom and Rose coming over for a late night drink with Lisa and myself by the chimeria (roscoe and brutus entertained Tom's dog hutch and they all got a few holiday buscuits)
the gathering with brother, sister, various combination of parents, and all the nephews....well all but baby Benjamin
the double booking of the Mason boys with the in-laws
and maybe more highlights to come

no Christmas jogs
no Christmas bike rides
there was too much Christmas Cleaning and Christmas Cooking to do any Christmas Yoga
it is tough to find that balance
all great things come with sacrifice
and the month of December I have had to sacrifice any and all forms of exercise

the first few are worth a decent laugh
stole that link off JETSETCOURIER's Music Blog